Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You will need Wild Turkey bourbon to get through this Wild Turkey fiasco

YouTube is awash with videos of folks being harassed by wild turkeys. One New Jersey town is considering fining folks $2,000 for feeding them because they are becoming a nuisance.

Wild Turkeys "Terrify" NJ Neighbors
Morton said she even witnessed a wild turkey attacking a jogger one day. "It was terrifying," Morton said. Morton decided to investigate a little more; find out why the wild turkeys were hanging around her neighborhood. She claims a neighbor has been feeding them. So now the town is considering an ordinance to ban folks from feeding the birds. Violators would faces fines up to $2,000.
How did wild turkeys become a problem? Folks do feed them and treat them as pets. Of course, it’s a huge mistake to feed wildlife and there’s that horrifying story about a women who fed bears from her front porch only to end up mauled and eaten by the very bears she fed, here.

Why are wild turkeys a problem in New Jersey? The State of New Jersey made the decision to use tax dollars to buy land and re-introduce wild turkeys in a state where wild turkeys were non-existent. The wild turkeys have multiplied, destroyed private property, damaged crops and got in the habit of intimidating people. Wild turkeys are big dumb birds with 5’ wing spans but since they are extremely poor fliers they adapt for survival by being loud, obnoxious and aggressive. Moreover, the wild turkeys are a protected species in most states and it’s illegal to kill them except in a very limited hunting season requiring a permit that is nearly impossible to get.

Wild turkeys irk South Jersey farm owner
From the mid-19th century on, New Jersey had no wild turkeys, which had been eliminated by hunting and habitat reduction. Then, in 1977, the state began reintroducing wild turkeys, in what would become another success story in re-establishing a species previously eliminated by human action. One of the places the state released birds, Mitchell said, was on the property around Millville's Union Lake.
"The state bought that some years ago, as a preserve," he said. "It has a nice woods, full of oaks, and the turkeys like the acorns." They liked the food and ambiance so much that they thrived and began enjoying Mitchell' 20 acres across the street as well….
Limited turkey hunting is allowed, by permits handed out through lotteries for short seasons in the spring and fall. But that hasn't slowed the turkeys...
New Jersey farmer and wild turkey victim George Mitchell has maintained a sense of humor throughout his 12 year ordeal as a wild turkey victim. "If the turkeys were human, I could have them arrested for trespassing and littering, but since they are a protected species, I can only continue the good fight until they take complete control of my property," Mitchell said. "At that time, maybe they will assume some of the burden of property taxes."

The State of New Jersey created the wild turkey problem. New Jersey used tax dollars to buy land and introduce the wild turkey as a protected species. Now that the wild turkeys are running wild and becoming an annoying problem, some towns are considering fining folk for feeding them. Folks can’t kill them because they are a protected species.

The real turkeys are government and its goon bureaucrats that dream up hair brained schemes to torture folks at taxpayer expense while making their lives miserable and even threatening to imprison them if they kill a protected nuisance critter.


  1. Judy, wild turkeys are not dumb and are excellent fliers. They are timid unless cornered and then they will act like any cornered animal. They can and do run to get up to take-off speed and will run at a threat if that is the only obvious route away from confrontation. If your information came from a state wildlife agent then you should send that person back to school. NH has re-introduced wild turkeys with great success and we now have a vigorous population that supports both a spring and a fall turkey harvest

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