Friday, June 8, 2012

Ron Paul? Where Do We Go From Here?

The Republican primary season is over. Romney will be the Republican nominee because Republican primary voters overwhelmingly voted for bigger government, more spending, endless wars, bankster bailouts and never ending fascist corporate welfare. The vitriolic chatter on Twitter and Facebook has now begun. Why didn't Ron Paul just run 3rd party? Why did Rand Paul endorse Romney? From the level of anger, one would have thought that the famous father and son duo embraced Satan, Stalin and Hitler.

Losing is never painless. Just ask any longtime liberty activist who has been at this for decades. Ron Paul isn't the problem. Rand Paul isn't the problem. The problem lies with American voters who picked their poison at the ballot box. It's delusional to think that Republican voters ever cared about liberty or the Constitution or even the futures of their progeny who they eagerly condemned to generations of debt slavery and economic impoverishment. Frankly, I've never known a Republican loyalist who didn't support big government, the wholesale slashing of civil liberties, gargantuan deficits, a muscular interventionist foreign policy, murderous wars, entitlement programs, corporate welfare and statism on steroids.

If anybody harbors the insane delusion that Republicans are somehow fiscal conservatives, it's been well documented that the 'Tea Party' Republicans who sailed into the House of Representatives in 2011 turned out to be bigger spending congressional representatives than the Democrats they replaced, here.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which took office in January 2011, has enacted federal spending bills under which the national debt has increased more in less than one term of Congress than in the first 97 Congresses combined.....
The approximately $1.59 trillion in new debt accumulated since the Republican-controlled House gained a veto over federal spending legislation is more than the total increase in the federal debt between 1789, when the first Congress convened, and October 1984, when the 98th Congress was nearing the end of its second session.

Except for the contentious social issues, there are ZERO differences between Republicans and Democrats.  The R's and the D's may have ever so slight variations in their brand of totalitarian statist poison but the differences between the parties are extremely negligible.

Why?  Because both the R's and the D's are nothing but money laundering machines as well as wholly owned subsidiaries of the banksters, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex and fascist corporate welfare queens.

Unfortunately, the American Sheeple People really don't care how corrupt and evil their elected leaders are so long as their entitlement checks keep flowing.  Those who do care are a minority.

I refuse to wallow in depression because Ron Paul won't be the next president.  Ron Paul is leading a revolution more than he's running for president.  Ron Paul has devoted his entire public life to educating folks on the critical importance of peace, liberty, prosperity and the constitution.

As a Libertarian since the early 1970's, I waited 40 freaking years for the Revolution to start.  It started back in 2008 when Ron Paul launched his campaign for the presidency.

We've come a very long way since 2008.  Millions more are awake and Ron Paul's 2012 performance was a vast improvement over his 2008 performance.  The liberty movement is growing and America finally has a generation of politically motivated young folks who are discovering the meaning of what real liberty is all about.  None of this would be possible without Ron Paul.

So I'm not shedding any whiny tears because I always knew that Ron Paul faced a difficult uphill battle, with the biggest obstacle being the Republican voter.

Still, I will continue to celebrate the arrival and growth of the Revolution because I indeed lived to see it happen.  The bankster owned statists who comprise the Republican and Democrat parties are finally being exposed for the thieving and murderous criminals that they are and have always been.

Ron Paul wasn't defeated.  Against all odds, Ron Paul heroically planted the seeds of liberty.  We just need to continue to lovingly nurture those seeds so they will someday blossom into a liberty garden that is truly beautiful and bountiful.

Meanwhile, I will be supporting Gary Johnson for president.  Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul but he's close enough and a whole lot better than Obama or Romney.

Judy Morris

Twitter: judy morris@judymorris3



  1. Amen Judy Morris. Thank you for all you do for Liberty and expressing what most of us are thinking :)

  2. You grossly under-estimate Libertarian support for Mitt Romney.

    FACT: In the early 1990s there were only three individuals in the United States of any prominence calling themselves "libertarians." Radio host Neal Boortz, author PJ O'Rourke, and Massachusetts Governor William Weld. If not for Weld, the term "libertarian" would be nothing compared to what it is today. Weld virtually single-handidly popularized the term, and made it safe for someone in mainstream politics to be "fiscally conservative/socially tolerant."

    FACT: It was William Weld who first recruited Mitt Romney into politics in the early 1990s.

    FACT: The Weld people contacted the Republican Liberty Caucus wanting our support, and let us know Romney was a "libertarian-leaning Republican."

    FACT: In those early days, Romney was viewed very much as a "fiscally consevative/socially tolerant" Weld-ite.

    FACT: Ron Paul was the National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus in the early to mid 1990s.

    So, you're vitriolic hatred for Romney makes little if any sense at all. And it most assuredly displays your complete and utter ignorance of libertarian movement history and what it means to be a libertarian.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus

    1. Eric,

      The way you just responded to Judy's heartfelt and well written note is the EXACT reason why I would be embarrassed to call myself a libertarian.

      I think you are ignorant for responding in such a hurtful and nasty way. Using big words doesn't make you more credible.

      Way to go Judy! Many people need this lift today.

      Tracy Diaz

    2. Eric,

      I'm from MA. I don't care what former Gov. Weld had to say about Romney. There is no way he is a Libertarian, nor does he support libertarian ideals. I live in the state that birthed RomneyCare. How is passing that legislation libertarian in any way?

      Romney may be the biggest flipflopper ever. There is no way to get a handle on how we will vote on anything, except... to see who is donating to him.

    3. Eric,

      It sounds like the vitriolic hatred is in you.

      Why don't you enlighten us about what it means to be a true libertarian.

      Then tell us why you support Romney. Details, please.

  3. I will be supporting Gary Johnson if Ron Paul isn't the nominee! Mittens will most certainly be the nominee unless a ton of those Mittens supporters are closeted Paulites! The Ron Paul Revolution continues.

    Eric Dondero is a well know Ron Paul hating nut.

    Mittens has promised to spend $2 trillion on the freaking military to expand the damn wars! He supports NDAA and the Patriot Act. Mittens is owned by the banksters, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex and fascist corporate welfare queens.

    1. Both my husband and I will be voting for Gary Johnson. His positions are similar to Ron Paul's, he is consistent in what he supports (something neither Romney nor Obama can claim), and is the only alternative since both Romney and Obama are backed by the same financial interests. Ron Paul started something the establishment cannot stop.

  4. Judy,

    Just remember it's not your vote Gary Johnson needs right now. He needs to be truly embraced, needs donations, needs people to write letters to the editor etc. To make a difference in November.

  5. I've been promoting Gary Johnson on my Facebook wall with the statement that I will be voting for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul isn't the nominee. It doesn't appear like that Ron Paul will be the nominee.

    That said, I've been trying to counter the "write-in Ron Paul" movement. The best way to inflict pain on the GOP is to support Gary Johnson and help grow a viable 3rd party.

    1. I have too. I supported ron paul since 2007 but recently have been leaning back twords the lp. I joined the lp in 1997 when I was 17 and have been fighting the good fight since then. Seems like the Republican freedom movement is heading for a huge compromise and is going to leave us Libertarians behind.

  6. Judy,

    Well said, unfortunately for most, the truth hurts like hell.

    Thanks for the perspective


  7. I'm optimistic for the first time ever. As a Libertarian since the early 1970's, I've waited 40 freaking years for a liberty movement to take root and grow. It's finally happening.

  8. Judy Morris wrote: "I'm optimistic for the first time ever. As a Libertarian since the early 1970's, I've waited 40 freaking years for a liberty movement to take root and grow. It's finally happening."

    I share your optimism. As a member of the Republican Party since 1972, I've waited 40 years for someone like Robert Taft, a libertarian Republican, to step up to the plate and run for President. In 2008 and 2012 - it finally happened - Ron Paul ran for President.


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