Saturday, July 14, 2012

Condi the Bush Family Loyalist is a Poisonous Condiment for Romney

The media is abuzz with rumors that Condoleeza Rice has moved to the top of Romneys' running mate list. This undoubtedly will thrill establishment Republicans and Bush/Cheney loyalists. Indeed a Drudge Internet poll showed that 63% approved of Condi as a running mate for Romney. The Drudge Report does in fact pander to the Republican base so the Drudge poll probably is representative of wishes of the Republican base.

But what will such a move have on a very tight general election in November? The Republicans are already at a serious disadvantage with the female, Hispanic and African-American vote. In 2008, the election kingmaker independent voters flocked to Obama and rejected McCain. The disgruntled conservatives, constitutionalists and liberty activists who once dutifully held their noses and voted Republican represent a mixed bag of angry constituencies including the Paulites, paleoconservatives, libertarians, fiscal conservatives and others. Many of these folks have simply stopped voting Republican because they see no differences between the Republicans and the Democrats..

Romney's only prayer is that the demoralized Dems fail to show up to vote in November, especially in the critical 4-6 swing states.  He also needs to win over the feisty independent voters and that's a big IF.

Although the bitter taste of the Bush/Cheney years may have somewhat subsided in attention deficit disorder America, there still exists quite a bit of bad blood.  Condi Rice as a Romney running mate will only cause all those bad Bush/Cheney feelings to resurface with a vengeance.  To regurgitate the Bush/Cheney years in a tight election is not in the best interest of the Republican Party, especially with an unpopular candidate like Romney who has failed to inspire support and likability among voters.

For a candidate like Romney who already suffers a deficit of voter likability, Condi Rice definitely lacks the popularity and likability that Romney so desperately needs.  She really has nothing to offer Romney to pump up his likability.  In fact, as a notorious Bush family loyalist spanning several decades, Condi herself may further drag down the Romney campaign.  In defense of Condi, I can only say that she's a whole lot smarter than the ditsy creature from the land of northern lights.  The cerebrally challenged Palin definitely fired up the raw emotions of the Warvangelical nutjobs but was otherwise viewed as dangerously stupid.

Condi comes with an impressive resume from a statist point of view.  She is brilliant and talented.  That said, her talents are a severe detriment to peace, liberty and prosperity everywhere.  Condi lives for the US Empire and its murderous wars.  Moreover, Condi Rice is an avowed internationalist, globalist and an advocate for global governance.  In fact, she's beloved by the New World Order folks.

As a US sovereignty fanatic, I totally oppose all UN sovereignty slashing treaties.  Furthermore, I so oppose them that I absolutely would hold my nose and vote for a Republican senator because the US senate ratifies treaties.

When I Would Hold My Nose and Vote Republican

Condi Rice endorsed ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and so did Bush. George Will, Washington Post, recently did a great piece on LOST because Obama wants it ratified ASAP.

The LOST sinkhole
Five former Republican secretaries of state (Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) support LOST, saying in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece , “we would strengthen our capacity to influence deliberations and negotiations involving other nations’ attempts to extend their continental boundaries.”
I've never met a Republican voter who didn't claim to be a fierce defender of US sovereignty. Yet, these Republican voters consistently vote for Republicans who are committed to selling out US sovereignty to the UN and its supra-national bodies. Go figure!

Finally, Condi comes with a ton of baggage - foreign policy baggage, Bush/Cheney baggage, war baggage and all that hideously vile baggage so loved by Fox News, Bill Kristol and the neocons.  These aren't attributes that are likely to win over desperately needed general election voters.

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