Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics Are an Expensive and Failed Statist Bread and Circus Show that is EMPTY

Empty stadium seats, a nasty militarized Nazified police state, friends and family members who are denied access to watch their loved ones compete and a hugely expensive taxpayer tab are all components of the London Olympics. The whole hideous Olympics affair is justifiably getting a whole lot of bad press. This photo went viral on Facebook:

Olympic headlines:

Soldiers and students to fill empty seats

How London 2012 was caught in Olympics' empty seats trap

Ticket snafu keeps parents from watching their Olympians compete

2012 London Olympics: Police State Opening Ceremony


There are very ugly sides to the Olympics. The Olympics expedited the severe financial distress of Greece and contributed absolutely nothing to the Greek economy despite costing the Greeks about $15 billion.

The Olympics are really nothing more than a taxpayer subsidized party for the elites, the rich, the politicos, corporate CEO's and celebrities of all stripes.

But there is also a mournful, deplorable and immoral human cost that is the real face of the Olympics. Poor folks are being forced out of their homes and entire neighborhoods are being bulldozed.

Brazil is hosting the 2016 Olympics as well as the 2012 World Cup. To construct 5 star accommodations to entertain and house the wealthy, Brazil is literally emptying out entire neighborhoods.

Time to End the Bread and Circus Olympics - They Are Inhumane and Huge Taxpayer Ripoffs

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