Monday, July 9, 2012

The Puff Post is Pimping for the New World Order and Global Governance

It's no secret that the United Nations, the worlds' premier dictator club that advocates for global totalitarian tyranny, is lusting to impose global taxes including:

Global carbon taxes

Financial transaction taxes

A billionaires tax

Of course, it's not unusual for MSM to pimp for global governance and its sovereignty slashing treaties. The last thing humanity needs is to give the UN taxing authority, not unless the goal is to blast humanity back to the dark ages. In any event, the US needs to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

The Huffington Post is an energized comrade for the UN and its global taxing schemes.  The following article includes a video of a totalitarian globalist actually staying that global governance is the only way to solve the world's immense problems.

UN Urges Countries To Impose Global Taxes, Raise $400 Billion

With debt ridden nations running huge deficits, socialists in Europe are gaining power at the ballot box. France imposed a huge pile of taxes on business and the rich (75%) to keep its failed socialist paradise financially afloat.  Of course, the French taxes will only drive the wealthy and their businesses out of France.
Hollande has said the 2013 budget will restore the pre- Sarkozy wealth tax rates on people with assets of more than 1.3 million euros. A one-time contribution is being imposed this year ahead of an overhaul of the levy.

French companies with 250 million euros or more in revenue will be asked to pay a portion of their corporate taxes early. Companies will pay a 30 percent tax on stock options, up from 14 percent. Executives receiving the options will be levied at 10 percent, from 8 percent now.

Another Sarkozy measure being rolled back is that French residents abroad will be tested on their means before sending their children for free to French state schools.

Among the measures that will be in the 2013 budget will be a 75-percent tax rate for income of more than 1 million euros.
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With taxation and financial expropriation soaring everywhere, it's difficult to imagine that there would be much left for the UN to tax.  Despite the UN's disdain for nationalism, nationalism still rules and folks in prosperous nations want control of their own tax revenues and they are extremely averse to being taxed to fund some pie in the sky UN project in a foreign nation.

Despite the mess in the US, the most critically important thing that we can do is to reject ratifying UN treaties and to reject UN taxing authority that would undoubtedly fall hardest on Americans. Ratifying a UN treaty is a massive giveaway of UN sovereignty to an international body whose only goal is to finally rape and plunder Americans. America doesn't have much left of the constitutional republic gifted to us by our awesome founders but we desperately need to keep our sovereignty. Without US sovereignty, Americans are merely reduced to pawns and serfs on the thieving international chessboard.

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