Saturday, July 28, 2012

DO NOT CALL HARRY REID on Audit the Fed, not unless you want it to fail 23-77

Do not call Harry Reid on Audit the Fed, not unless you want it to fail by a vote of 23-77. Putting Audit the Fed to senate floor for a vote is a guaranteed FAIL.

Audit the Fed desperate needs co-sponsors because it only has 23.

The senate's 60 vote cloture rule is a very difficult hurdle given the composition of the senate - 47 Republicans, 51 Democrats and 2 Independents (who typically vote with the Dems). All 23 of the current co-sponsors are Republicans so there are 24 Republicans who are not on board, including 4 states with 2 Republicans senators who have not co-sponsored Audit the Fed - Alabama, Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee.

Game Plan

How to lobby a congress critter:

Bombard them! First, plan to call, fax, e-mail and write a letter. Also hit their local offices. In big states, senators have multiple local offices (address, fax and telephone numbers are on their Senate websites).


Try to get through to a legislative aide who is handling the issue.

Get everybody you know to do the same thing over and over.

Congess critters only care about one thing - the next election and nothing else. If they fear they could be voted out of office, they will co-sponsors Audit the Fed.

Senators Who Need to be Contacted

We need to first focus on Republican Senators and then Democrat Senators. There are 47 Republican Senators listed below - their names and term expiration. Senators highlighted in yellow are already Audit the Fed co-sponsors.  States with 2 Republican senators who are not co-sponsors of Audit the Fed are highlighted in red.

AL Sessions      2014
     Shelby          2016
AK Murkowski   2016
AZ Kyl                2012 (retiring)
     McCain         2016
AR Boozman     2016
GA Chambliss   2014
     Isakson         2016
FL Rubio           2016
ID Risch            2014
     Crapo           2016
IL Kirk                2016
IN Lugar            2012 (lost primary)
    Coats            2016
IA Grassley       2016
KS Roberts       2014
     Moran          2016
KY Paul            2016 wrote the bill
     McConnell    2014
LA Vitter            2016
ME Snowe        2012 retiring
      Collins        2014
MA Brown        2012
MS Cochran     2014
      Wicker        2012
MO Blunt          2016
NE Johanns      2014
NV Heller          2012
NH Ayotte         2016
NC Burr            2016
ND Hoeven       2016
OH Portman     2016
OK Coburn        2016
      Inhofe          2014
PA Toomey       2016
SC DeMint        2016
     Graham        2014
SD Thune          2016
TN Corker         2012
      Alexander    2014
TX Cornyn        2014
      Hutchison    2012 retiring
UT Hatch           2012
     Lee               2016
WI Johnson       2016
WY Barrasso     2012
      Enzi             2014

We've got a lot of work to do so let's do it!

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  1. I already called Reid, but I will do this, too. I don't think he will push it out there just because he got a few calls, especially if they die down.


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