Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Angry Ballot Box

It's no secret that the American voters are not happy campers. Except for hardcore party loyalists, more and more folks are abandoning the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as they declare themselves Independents and/or 3rd party voters.

Record-High 40% of Americans Identify as Independents in '11

Distrust of both parties runs deep because of the economy.  While the Republicans and the Democrats each point their fingers at each other, both parties are directly responsible for the economic mess, especially the wholesale destruction of US domestic manufacturing and the massive regulatory state that functions like a noose around the necks of businesses.  Effectively, Congress has created an environment where it's practically impossible for businesses to conduct business, hire workers and grow.  Many states are also complicit in their own economic misery.

Americans keep voting for change but all they ever get is more corruption, more fascist crony capitalism, more wars and the erosion of civil liberties.  Regardless of one's political ideology, folks of all political stripes are thoroughly disgusted with the District of Crime (DC) and its 'in your face' arrogance.  That's largely because our political system consisting of the RNC and DNC machines are nothing more than money laundering operations for special interests, defense contractors and banksters.

The Best Government that Fascist Corporatist Bankster Defense Contractor Money Can Buy

Interestingly, it was recently reported that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is polling over 5%.

Gary Johnson polls at 5.3 percent

This is not surprising and I suspect that a lot of Gary Johnson's support is coming from the Ron Paul supporters who were ruthlessly disenfranchised by establishment state GOP machines.  Although the Paulites did manage to takeover the GOP machines in NV, ME, MN and IA, they should have taken over other state GOP machines but were locked out or otherwise denied their legal delegate status.

It's true that the mere mention of the Ron Paul campaign makes the Republican Party recoil in horror because the Paulites are fed up with the waste, fraud and growth of government; they are also opposed to the damn wars and the thieving Federal Reserve that transfers wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.  The Paulites want accountability and they research policy and voting records which, of course, exposes nearly all Republicans as outright frauds.

While the Democratic base is big on social spending, many Dems are also very unhappy with the bankrupting wars, the corruption and bailing out the banksters.  Their man of change has been dubbed Obushma as Democrats face the unnerving reality that Obama is nothing more than Bush on steroids.

It's probably true that America's corrupt to the core 2 party system cannot be restored to honesty and integrity in governance because they are just too far gone.   Like a terminally ill patient on his deathbed, there is no amount of medicine that can save the patient.

For the American people, the only way out is to reject both parties and raise strong and viable third party candidates or opt for a renegade Republican or Democrat who disavows loyalty to the party.


  1. I think more folks have to really sit down and educate themselves in regards to "politricks." Out of revenge/discontent, people vote against the major party incumbent only to get more of the same from the major party challenger. The swinging pendulum mindset hasn't proven very effective. If one actuallly connects the dots, they will see that the cumulative damage imposed on our country to due to someone's financial gain (special interest groups)has nothing to do with Republican vs. Democrat. It's basically a 2 headed coin serving the insiders. Now let's put Main Street ahead of K Street!

  2. Putting Main Street ahead of K Street is my dream! Folks don't realize how they've been hurt by the crony capitalist system.

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